About Us

Koconae Coconut Oil

” I’ve tried many coconut oil before, the texture and the smell of Koconae is the best in the market”;
a review from one of Koconae’s repeat customers.

Koconae Premium Extra Virgin Coconut Oil product has been manufactured by Koconae’s state of the art processing,
resulting in “Crystal Clear” and “Low Molecule Weight” oil which make our Coconut Oil so easy and so pleasant to

According to medical research, virgin coconut oil has amazing nutrients that benefit our body tremendously; especially
‘Lauric Acid’

Lauric Acid; the ratio of lauric acid in mother’s milk and in virgin coconut oil is “identical”. It annihilates a long list of
bacteria, viruses, fungi and other harmful microorganisms.

Other than our signature virgin coconut oil, Koconae has also developed beauty and healthcare products that contain our
virgin coconut oil such as; facial skincare, hair care, body care, baby care, spa products, and mosquito repellant